Quick Slant on Great Win in Nashville

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I really thought the Gamecocks were poised to run away with this game  after going up 10-0, then Vandy hit the big pass to Matthews for a td and the momentum shifted.

South Carolina would not have won this game without the gutsy performance of Connor Shaw however he did miss two would be td passes to Bruce Ellington and DL Moore early on. I wasn’t impressed with his passing but he wasn’t that far off on those plays or the early interception.

Lorenzo Ward called a great game seemingly knowing when to call the blitz and when not to. USC defensive backs didn’t play with very much conviction.

I don’t understand why it took over 2 & half quarters of football to throw to the tight end or connect on a screen pass to a rb. As soon as they did it led to the eventual winning scoring drive.

Offensive play calling was puzzling at times, but the QB draw call that got the ball to the one yard line and led to the winning  td was brilliantly unexpected considering Shaw’s injury.

Special teams not very special.

Kelcy Quarles Very Special.

Player of the game Justice Cunningham. After catching the big pass on the td drive he goes over to Marcus and says “ok you know what time it is”. Marcus then springs free to take the ball into the Red-Zone. Marcus said after the game that Justice was keeping everyone’s head up on the sideline.

The offensive line played better than I think most Monday morning quarterbacks will give them credit for today. QBs under Spurrier at USC have yet to connect with wide receivers in stride. Better timing here and many would fell better about the offensive line’s performance. The quick Vandy defensive lineman will give teams fits all season.

“The Rhythm is Going to Get You”?

The offense lost all it’s rhythm last night when Connor went out and early on it was obvious Marcus was taking some time finding his game time legs. The potential is there for this offense to get going in 2012 if the play calling will reflect the current roster’s strengths. For now the strengths being tight ends, a great running back and a scrambling non pocket passing qb

The last time I did research on games won by the team winning the turnover margin in single digit spread games they  had won over 80% of those games. To lose the turnover battle on the road in the SEC and still win the game makes for a “Great win in Nashville” for the Gamecocks.

-Mike Mizell


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    Your perspective seems right on the mark. Mirrored a lot of what I heard others saying. Good article.

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