SEC East Schedules USC vs UGA

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With all the talk (and most has been justified) of the apparent screw job given to South Carolina by the SEC concerning the 2012 schedules of the Gamecocks and Bulldogs, a few positives have been overlooked.

  1. The start of the schedule sets up nice for the Gamecocks. Get out of Nashville with a win to start the season and the Gamecocks have a great shot at being 5-0 when Georgia comes to William’s Brice stadium on October 6 th.
  1. I realize trading a road trip with Alabama in exchange for Missouri is no fare barter but having to travel to Columbia, Missouri for their inaugural SEC host game will probably be no easy task for Georgia. The Tigers will be looking to make a statement in their first ever game as an SEC member. Keep in mind Georgia has struggled vs “Big 12” teams on the road in the past, see recent losses to Oklahoma State in 2009  and Colorado in 2010.
  1. Two seasons ago when Arkansas came to Columbia it was being labeled as “the game that didn’t matter” because the battle for the Eastern crown was looming with the Gators the following week. With this game being the last conference game of the year and falling on November 10th chances are there will still be a lot to play for in this one. South Carolina should still be in contention for the East and be ready to give this game everything they have. The Gamecocks will get a week off before this game giving new defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward some extra time to get ready for an offense no longer under Bobby Petrino.
  1. Can Georgia handle the hype? The difference in the strength of schedules between the two teams will easily make Georgia the preseason darlings to return to Atlanta. There is already talk of them possibly competing for the BCS title should they be able to make it through their “easy” schedule unscathed. I remember the 2008 expectations crumbling around that Georgia team as the hype seemed to get the best of them.
  2.  On the flip side you got the Gamecocks who will have the usual mantle of underdog bestowed upon them in this race despite having a preseason number 9 ranking. The only pressure being put on this team to win the East will come from within and that’s not always a bad thing. Very rarely in life or football do things work out exactly how people think they will. More often than not things don’t. A lot will happen between now and the end of the 2012 football season, but until then, looking at the black clouds of SEC scheduling I for one see a garnet lining.
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